Capturing Impact

When your end goal is to create a socially integrated and reconcilled Sri Lanka, where diversity and equality is promoted, gauging the impact and measuring success of your work along the way, can at times be challenging.

But we at FLICT believe that impact need not be ‘tangible’ in order to be positive or measurable.

Why Challenging? For one thing, the change we work towards does not follow a smooth, linear trajectory. It is a change that will happen over time, even generations, gathering or losing momentum along the way. Our role is to facilitate this process through engaging with multiple stakeholders and interest groups to nurture a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and partnership, where there is none. So the way we see it, making a positive impact, in the long term, means that a large-scale transformation takes place from within the Sri Lankan society.

How we overcome this challenge? FLICT is constantly coming up with innovative tools that take into consideration, the evolving context and changing perceptions when monitoring impact. A combination of anecdotal and hard evidence allows triangulation, which improves the validity of our observation results.

In addition to this, the longevity of FLICT provides us with the luxury of hindsight. Having adapted and evolved with the countries changing context, we are able to look back and reflect on the long term achievements of our process-driven work. This naturally gives us the opportunity to reinvent our approach and our methods in order to remain effective. Considering the do-no-harm approach, FLICT’s monitoring system employs conflict-sensitive measures, in order to avoid unintentionally contributing to negative social impact.

Kandy Business Matchmaking Programme for SMEs

GIZ-FLICT and its partner ministry strive to mainstream Social Integration (SI) also into the
private sector.
In this regard GIZ-FLICT joined an event, organised by
CCC Solutions and GIZ-SME, for familiarising Small and Medium Enterprises
(SMEs) and Small and Medium Professionals (SMPs) with Social Integration concepts
. This
event was conducted on August 24, 2015 at the Hotel Suisse in Kandy.
GIZ-FLICT used this opportunity to commence a dialogue on ethical business
ACT4, a trilingual theatre group, staged a performance on breaking
the frames and assumptions that businesses work with which are counterproductive
to business practice and also marginalises individuals. The 150
participants, from Kandy, Matale, Anuradhapura and Batticaloa were keen to
continue a discussion on the ideas presented in the dramatisation.